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My camera’s batteries died right when I decided to start this blog, and then I got new batteries and now my computer is stupid. I’ve also been busy so I haven’t been posting.

I have 4.5 repeats done on the leg of the 2nd Tadpoles sock. I was having issues for a while and wasn’t able to make it past the 3rd repeat which was really pathetic since it’s such an easy pattern. I’m past that now, though.

Yesterday I had another lesson from my HHG coach. It went really well. The horse (Missy) wasn’t rushing during the trot like she had been, and I finally feel like I can ride her at the fair without incident. For a while there, I was unsure if it would work out. She’s calmed down since the first time I rode her last year.

I’m really excited for the fair. It’ll be super fun. πŸ™‚

I was browsing Ravelry and I came across a pattern for a February Doll Sweater. I was like, OMG because I had been wanting to make a February insert something here Sweater for my American Girl doll for a while. I was thinking I’d have to do the math and come up with it myself. But this will save me a lot of time.

We bought almond butter at Costco yesterday! They had it at our grocery store but it seemed really expensive. The price at Costco was better. We had it on toast today for breakfast (with slowcooker applesauce on the side) and it was really yummy!


4-H Fair Judging

Today was the 4-H fair judging and I got 7 blues and 3 reds.
I was irritated at the knitting judge because she seemed to be obsessing about my woven in ends sticking out, which they were not. And I quote from knitty: “Cut the remaining end with your scissors, leaving a short tail on the wrong side.” I had short tails. Don’t get me started on this. The ends aren’t going to be completely invisible. It’s knitting. You’re using string. It’s going to have ends.
Sock Yarn Blanket: I got a blue, but she asked me if it was acrylic. No, I made it with wool and wool-cotton blends (with one or two yarns having a bit of bamboo as well).
Lace Ribbon Scarf: I got a blue on this and she thought it was pretty good. She noted that there weren’t any dropped stitches and I was thinking that I fixed any mistakes I saw. I’m not a new knitter. There weren’t going to dropped stitches.
Matrix Mittens: I got a red on this. She thought the yarn was variegated. Um, no. It’s called stranded knitting with TWO colors. Then she asked why the mittens were different colors and I said because I ran out of yarn because I was using odd balls of leftover yarn. She said something about how the ribbing wasn’t equal (?) and it was tighter on one mitten than the other (??).
Lobby Dishcloth: I got a red on this. She thought the edging was crocheted which it was not. She also thought I made all the pieces separately and sewed them together which is not right. It’s a pattern from the Mason-Dixon blog. I really don’t think they would sew things when they could just pick up stitches, especially for such a small thing. Oh and she was talking about how my woven in ends weren’t invisible and how I should have kept the brown ends in the brown section. But the brown part was the edge! There wasn’t room for woven in ends on the edge!
The people in my knitting group would have done a much better job of judging.
Other things:
My story about a girl who is trying to cook noodles and is very impatient got a blue.
My autumn poem got a blue.
My little origami box got a blue.
My vet poster (about temperature, pulse, and respiration of horses) got a red because I didn’t really specify that it was about horses. That’s my fault, not the judges.
My oil pastel that I did in art class (It’s a picture of a Stargazer lily) got a blue. The judge liked the contrast between the pink petals and the green background.
My horse drawing got a blue.
Next Wednesday, my Coleus and Wandering Jew are judged, as well as my Flower Garden Plan. Then during the fair I’m showing a horse in HHG advanced showmanship and HHG equitation.

Purple and Blue

Today I decided to use up some of my little balls of yarn and knit some random things. As a result, my Tadpole sock looks pretty much the same as yesterday.

Yarn: I had a tiny, wee bit of my Dale of Norway Baby Ull left so I decided to make the Mini Fawkes sock. I ran out halfway through and started using some purple/grey sock yarn (Premier yarns something or another) I had bought and used for the sock yarn blanket. It worked out because the colors matched and the yarns were similar weights and textures.

Pattern: Mini Fawkes sock (I’d link it but Ravelry is having issues right now)

Needles: size 2 dpns

This mini sock was really easy and straightforward. I had it finished in less than an afternoon – only a couple of hours, really. Plus, I love using up my random bits of yarn!

Speaking of which, I used up two more yarns today.

Pattern: Garter Stitch Heart

Yarns: Malabrigo Chunky (light blue – it’s more purple in real life) and Lion Brand Jiffy Solid (dark purple)

Needles: size 11 straights

My sister made a couple of these a few weeks ago and I thought they would be perfect for using up my leftover chunky yarns. They were pretty easy and took no time at all to complete! When you arrange them like in my photo, they look like a butterfly, which is neat.

Of course, there was a teeny bit of Jiffy left after the second heart so I decided to make what I called a “scarf for a mouse”. Only it didn’t quite get that long.

It’s about one inch square, of garter stitch on size 11 needles. It’s still cute though. I suppose it’s more of a mouse lap blanket than a scarf. πŸ˜‰

Today I went to my horseless horse coach’s farm for a riding lesson. (I was matched up with her for 4-H and she shares her horse with me) It went okay. I was fine walking, but then at the trot, her horse likes to speed up so it’s a little crazy. I have to ride her other horse since her other other horse went lame which sucks. The horse I rode today is a little crazy and more of a speed horse than a pleasure horse but I’m getting there. The fair is in like two weeks so hopefully I can improve by then. πŸ™‚

We have a heel

I turned the heel on my sock this afternoon! This sock is going really fast compared to other socks I’ve knitted.

Here is my Lobby Dishcloth. I just used some random colors of Sugar N Cream that we had lying around the house and they matched!

We woke up early on Sunday to go to the lake and watch the sunrise. I only got to take a few pictures before my camera’s batteries died. Here is one of them.

Our Roma Tomatoes are ripening! There are two tomatoes in this picture but we picked one yesterday for our grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. It was really yummy. πŸ™‚

Here is a random picture of my dog Jasmine being cute.

This afternoon I wrote the story I’m going to enter in the fair. The word count limit was 200-400 words and when I finished writing, it was 504 words so I had trim it a bit. I think that made it a better story, though, since it was tighter. It ended up being 398 words. It was kind of tricky to write a really short story since I’ve done NaNoWriMo twice, but at least it didn’t take as long as a novel!

Sock Yarn Blanket

I had another blog for a while but I stopped posting on it because I got bored and I decided I wanted a new one. Also, people wanted to see my knitting.

Here’s how I spent my summer (7 weeks of it anyway).

sock yarn blanket

It’s a sock yarn blanket. It measures 25″ by 35″, so it’s not a huge blanket. I’m entering it in the fair this year, and 25″ by 35″ was the minimum size. The original sock yarn blanket was created by Hers fits her whole bed and took way longer than mine. I made 143 blocks, which includes the 3 large blocks.

Pattern: Sock Yarn Blanket
Needles: size 3 dpns
Yarn: Nearly all of my sock yarn.

Here’s the list: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Stripe, ONline Supersocke 100, Paton’s Kroy Socks FX, Paton’s Stretch Socks, Plymouth Yarn Sockotta, Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight, Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Disco Socka, All Things Heather Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon, Dale of Norway Baby Ull, and my favorite, Zwerger Yarns Opal Feelings. (It’s rainbow sock yarn with wide stripes. I used it all up and it kind of made me sad especially when I looked it up on Ravelry and saw it was discontinued.)

sock yarn blanket

Then I finished my Lace Ribbon Scarf which took only a few days because I finally could do the lace pattern quickly. I started it on October 1 and it frustrated me but I finished it eventually. I really like the finished product!

lace ribbon scarf

Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf

Needles: size 4 dpns

Yarn: Gypsyknits Sock It! Merino Superwash, color Tink

Size: 4.5″ by 75″

When I blocked it, it grew a ton! I forgot to measure it before blocking until it was already wet. But it did grow. I cast on 35 stitches and did 24 repeats. I really like the yarn too. It’s really soft and I love the colors.

Here are some other things I am entering in the fair for knitting.

Matrix Mittens
264.365 emily's mittens
I made these in February to use up some of my leftover Cascade 220. It was a pretty easy pattern. Of course, right after I finished them, it warmed up outside. It wouldn’t be very pleasant to wear stranded worsted weight mittens when it’s 40-50 degrees outside.
emily's mittens -- the back

I also made an interesting dishcloth, called the Lobby dishcloth, but I haven’t taken a picture of it yet.

My current project is the Tadpole socks.

I’m using my Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Stripe, in the color Lucky Stripe, which I have had in my stash since January 08. I just couldn’t find the right sock pattern to use. Then I found this one in October and couldn’t start it till now because I was very busy with school and other projects. It’s a very easy sock pattern. πŸ™‚ I like it.