We have a heel

I turned the heel on my sock this afternoon! This sock is going really fast compared to other socks I’ve knitted.

Here is my Lobby Dishcloth. I just used some random colors of Sugar N Cream that we had lying around the house and they matched!

We woke up early on Sunday to go to the lake and watch the sunrise. I only got to take a few pictures before my camera’s batteries died. Here is one of them.

Our Roma Tomatoes are ripening! There are two tomatoes in this picture but we picked one yesterday for our grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. It was really yummy. 🙂

Here is a random picture of my dog Jasmine being cute.

This afternoon I wrote the story I’m going to enter in the fair. The word count limit was 200-400 words and when I finished writing, it was 504 words so I had trim it a bit. I think that made it a better story, though, since it was tighter. It ended up being 398 words. It was kind of tricky to write a really short story since I’ve done NaNoWriMo twice, but at least it didn’t take as long as a novel!


2 responses to “We have a heel

  1. suddenexpression

    Your sock looks great! I’m curious what yarn your using, and what pattern that is? LOVE the pattern!

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