Purple and Blue

Today I decided to use up some of my little balls of yarn and knit some random things. As a result, my Tadpole sock looks pretty much the same as yesterday.

Yarn: I had a tiny, wee bit of my Dale of Norway Baby Ull left so I decided to make the Mini Fawkes sock. I ran out halfway through and started using some purple/grey sock yarn (Premier yarns something or another) I had bought and used for the sock yarn blanket. It worked out because the colors matched and the yarns were similar weights and textures.

Pattern: Mini Fawkes sock (I’d link it but Ravelry is having issues right now)

Needles: size 2 dpns

This mini sock was really easy and straightforward. I had it finished in less than an afternoon – only a couple of hours, really. Plus, I love using up my random bits of yarn!

Speaking of which, I used up two more yarns today.

Pattern: Garter Stitch Heart

Yarns: Malabrigo Chunky (light blue – it’s more purple in real life) and Lion Brand Jiffy Solid (dark purple)

Needles: size 11 straights

My sister made a couple of these a few weeks ago and I thought they would be perfect for using up my leftover chunky yarns. They were pretty easy and took no time at all to complete! When you arrange them like in my photo, they look like a butterfly, which is neat.

Of course, there was a teeny bit of Jiffy left after the second heart so I decided to make what I called a “scarf for a mouse”. Only it didn’t quite get that long.

It’s about one inch square, of garter stitch on size 11 needles. It’s still cute though. I suppose it’s more of a mouse lap blanket than a scarf. 😉

Today I went to my horseless horse coach’s farm for a riding lesson. (I was matched up with her for 4-H and she shares her horse with me) It went okay. I was fine walking, but then at the trot, her horse likes to speed up so it’s a little crazy. I have to ride her other horse since her other other horse went lame which sucks. The horse I rode today is a little crazy and more of a speed horse than a pleasure horse but I’m getting there. The fair is in like two weeks so hopefully I can improve by then. 🙂


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