4-H Fair Judging

Today was the 4-H fair judging and I got 7 blues and 3 reds.
I was irritated at the knitting judge because she seemed to be obsessing about my woven in ends sticking out, which they were not. And I quote from knitty: “Cut the remaining end with your scissors, leaving a short tail on the wrong side.” I had short tails. Don’t get me started on this. The ends aren’t going to be completely invisible. It’s knitting. You’re using string. It’s going to have ends.
Sock Yarn Blanket: I got a blue, but she asked me if it was acrylic. No, I made it with wool and wool-cotton blends (with one or two yarns having a bit of bamboo as well).
Lace Ribbon Scarf: I got a blue on this and she thought it was pretty good. She noted that there weren’t any dropped stitches and I was thinking that I fixed any mistakes I saw. I’m not a new knitter. There weren’t going to dropped stitches.
Matrix Mittens: I got a red on this. She thought the yarn was variegated. Um, no. It’s called stranded knitting with TWO colors. Then she asked why the mittens were different colors and I said because I ran out of yarn because I was using odd balls of leftover yarn. She said something about how the ribbing wasn’t equal (?) and it was tighter on one mitten than the other (??).
Lobby Dishcloth: I got a red on this. She thought the edging was crocheted which it was not. She also thought I made all the pieces separately and sewed them together which is not right. It’s a pattern from the Mason-Dixon blog. I really don’t think they would sew things when they could just pick up stitches, especially for such a small thing. Oh and she was talking about how my woven in ends weren’t invisible and how I should have kept the brown ends in the brown section. But the brown part was the edge! There wasn’t room for woven in ends on the edge!
The people in my knitting group would have done a much better job of judging.
Other things:
My story about a girl who is trying to cook noodles and is very impatient got a blue.
My autumn poem got a blue.
My little origami box got a blue.
My vet poster (about temperature, pulse, and respiration of horses) got a red because I didn’t really specify that it was about horses. That’s my fault, not the judges.
My oil pastel that I did in art class (It’s a picture of a Stargazer lily) got a blue. The judge liked the contrast between the pink petals and the green background.
My horse drawing got a blue.
Next Wednesday, my Coleus and Wandering Jew are judged, as well as my Flower Garden Plan. Then during the fair I’m showing a horse in HHG advanced showmanship and HHG equitation.

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