My camera’s batteries died right when I decided to start this blog, and then I got new batteries and now my computer is stupid. I’ve also been busy so I haven’t been posting.

I have 4.5 repeats done on the leg of the 2nd Tadpoles sock. I was having issues for a while and wasn’t able to make it past the 3rd repeat which was really pathetic since it’s such an easy pattern. I’m past that now, though.

Yesterday I had another lesson from my HHG coach. It went really well. The horse (Missy) wasn’t rushing during the trot like she had been, and I finally feel like I can ride her at the fair without incident. For a while there, I was unsure if it would work out. She’s calmed down since the first time I rode her last year.

I’m really excited for the fair. It’ll be super fun. 🙂

I was browsing Ravelry and I came across a pattern for a February Doll Sweater. I was like, OMG because I had been wanting to make a February insert something here Sweater for my American Girl doll for a while. I was thinking I’d have to do the math and come up with it myself. But this will save me a lot of time.

We bought almond butter at Costco yesterday! They had it at our grocery store but it seemed really expensive. The price at Costco was better. We had it on toast today for breakfast (with slowcooker applesauce on the side) and it was really yummy!


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