Today I went to the 4-H plant judging to get my Wandering Jew and my flower garden design judged. I got a blue on my garden design and a red on the Wandering Jew because the judge thought it should be bigger.

Then we wandered around the 4-H building for a while and saw that my sock yarn blanket received a Merit Award! I am very happy about this. We found all of my projects in the building and looked at other peoples’ projects. Then we went over to the Horse Arena to check-in.

I’m really excited for the fair this weekend. The only thing about it is that school starts tomorrow which is kind of lame. My first class tomorrrow isn’t until 11am though.

My sister and I made spaghetti sauce today using homegrown tomatoes and an onion and green bell pepper from our garden. Also, the carrots were from the farmer’s market. It was really yummy! Our tomatoes were Celebrity variety and they were definitely ripe! There wasn’t a hint of green on the inside.

I’m onto the heel flap on my Tadpole sock but I’m not sure I’ll get much farther this weekend because of the fair. But that’s okay.


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