Fair and other stuff

It was really cold and blustery at the fair and it was stupid because we had to wear jackets and stuff.

Missy and I got a red ribbon in HHG Advanced Showmanship. She was acting up (as most of the horses were because of the weather and the fair environment) and wouldn’t stand still. At least she trotted! Pictures to come this weekend. They’re on my sister’s computer and she’s at college but we’re going to come and bring her more things this weekend.

Then we wandered the fair for a couple hours and looked at things. Later, I went back to the horse area and was able to ride Missy for a little bit. My HHG Walk/Trot Equitation class was coming up, so I tried trotting her but Missy was a pleasure horse, but now she is a speed horse. I felt uncomfortable riding her at the trot. I didn’t want anything to happen that would injure me or make a fool out of me so I chose to scratch from the riding class. My coach is going to keep giving me lessons, though.

We watched the drill teams on Sunday which were awesome as usual (especially the Western drill teams!).

This week hasn’t been terribly interesting. Until t0day.

I just finished playing Beatles Rock Band and I got 100% on Day Tripper on Medium Drums! This is the first song I’ve gotten 100% on while playing drums. I am SO excited. Also, I had a perfect solo on The End, Medium Drums.

I have the book, 200 Crochet Blocks (by Jan Eaton I think), and I’m making every block that is ranked as easy difficulty. I want to get better at crochet so I think it will work. Actually I’m only making them half the size they are supposed to be so I can get through them faster.

Next year I am doing 4-H because you can do it up to one year after you graduate from high school. I’m doing most of the projects I did this year with the addition of Crochet and Clothing (Sewing). I want to get better at crocheting (as said above) and I want to try sewing again which I haven’t done since middle school.

I have 3-4 repeats left on the Tadpole sock foot. Every time I try to work on it I have to frog it back a bit because of missing stitches. It’s really starting to piss me off! 😦


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