Finished Vest

I finished my vest last night! It fits Molly perfectly! I still have a teensy bit of the yarn left, but that’s better than not having enough yarn!

Pattern: Very Easy Pullover for American Girl Dolls or 18″ Dolls

Yarn: Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight, colorway Amethyst, I think

Needles: size 4 dpns (knit flat on dpns, sleeve ribbing knit in the round)


I knit the front and back separately so the stripes in the sock yarn wouldn’t become really narrow. To do this I cast on 44 instead of 86 or whatever the regular amount was.

On the last row of ribbing I increased 4 stitches evenly, instead of 6 because I was only doing it one side at a time.

For the front I used the cable pattern supplied in the pattern, and my cable rows were k19, p2, k6, p2, k19 because I had a different stitch count than the pattern.

I knitted for 3 inches, and then I bound off 2 stitches on each of the next 2 rows for a little bit of armhole shaping. This helped in seaming later because I knew where to stop seaming.

Then when I was nearly finished with it I picked up 32 stitches in each armhole and did 3 rounds of ribbing and bound off. The rest of the vest was the same as the pattern.

In other news, I have a new stash photo to show you.

This is in comparison to the stash photo my sister took a few months ago. This was taken on the day I began my Sock Yarn Blanket – June 16.

emily's stash

There’s quite the difference, isn’t there? Here’s my current stash without the new Cascade 220.

My new project is a 5 hour baby sweater, which I thought was going well until I realized I purled the 3 border stitches instead of knitting them on the FIFTH row! I was on row 12 or 13 at least at this point. Ugh! Oh well. I frogged it and will spend my day working on that.


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