John Green!

Yesterday we went to the Waupaca Book Festival to see John Green. It was really amazing! I got Paper Towns signed and my sister got Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Abundance of Katherines signed. He loved my shirt. I knew he would like it but I didn’t expect him to say that it was his favorite shirt ever! Then he had to explain it to Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who we saw along with John Green, because she didn’t get the pipe part of my shirt.

Here is my shirt.

Magritte painted a pipe and wrote below it, “This is not a pipe” (in French though” because since it was a painting of a pipe, it couldn’t really be a pipe. This shirt says This is not a pipe and has a pipe from the Mario games on it. Hank Green (John’s brother) has this shirt also.

In this picture John Green is saying, “The level of complexity of this joke is overwhelming!” or something to that effect. Amy Krouse Rosenthal is sitting next to John Green.

This is my sister and I with John Green.

After that, we were going to eat lunch but it was only like 10:30 am so we wandered into Edgewood Arts, which is a really neat store. They have art supplies, puzzles, both low-end and high-end yarn (Caron Simply Soft and Sugar N Cream, as well as sock yarn and Lamb’s Pride), and it was really cool.

I bought a very small sketchbook because I always end up doodling in my notebooks or assignment notebook and I never have paper to draw on. I can carry this anywhere and draw little horses and stuff.

Here’s what I drew in it while we were waiting for our food at Chez March Cafe.

At Chez March Cafe I got the Mini Breakfast which is one egg, one piece of toast, fried potatoes, and two pieces of bacon. It was so cute and yummy too! I got apple cider which was really good because it was hot apple cider.

Here is my progress on the baby sweater I’m making. All it needs is some sleeves and the ends to be woven in!

So I tried to start my Central Park Hoodie on Friday afternoon. I was doing well, about 2-3 inches into the ribbing when I realized I had used the wrong size needles. I forgot to use smaller needles for the ribbing.

On the way to Waupaca the next morning (around 6:30am) I ripped it out. I cast on again, and by the end of the day, I had 4 inches of ribbing completed.

Today, I wanted to start the first real row of the back. Only, it wasn’t coming out right. I didn’t seem to have enough stitches. Somehow, in the morning on the way to Waupaca, I cast on only 66 stitches. So I ripped it out again.

Then I had two or three false starts today because it looked funny, or the tail was too long, or too short. I think I’m finally on my way now. No picture, because it’s too dark now and I only have pictures of the false starts. I have about 1.5-2″ done on the ribbing right now.


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