Central Park Hoodie Progress

The Central Park Hoodie is going well. I’m about 13 inches into the back. It looks like it will fit, too. The cable pattern is easy to memorize and it’s been going faster than the ribbing, actually. Kind of funny. I’m going to add an inch or two in length because short clothes irritate me. I really like how it’s turning out and I can’t wait till it’s all finished!

On Monday John Green posted his vlogbrothers video and he talked about Waupaca and I commented on it. I mentioned my This is not a Pipe shirt and then he replied to my comment!! He wrote: Hi! I still love that shirt! -John

It was really exciting when he replied. I was like, WHOA! 😀

On Thursday in my lunch I had a salad, Honey Crisp apple, and a half almond butter and jelly sandwich. I felt like Iowa Girl Eats with my salad and Honey Crisp. Or I would have, if I’d remembered to pack the little container of salad dressing. I had it all packed and then I realized I forgot to put some tomato in my salad, and then I forgot to put everything back in. I LOVE Honey Crisp apples. They’re so sweet and crunchy, especially since we get ours from a local apple orchard! If I wasn’t still full from supper, I’d eat one now.


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