More CPH Progress

I’ve been working on the fronts and it’s not as simple as the back was because I’m doing them 2 at a time. I have to keep checking and making sure I haven’t zoned out and started knitting only on one side. It’s happened a couple times now.

Oddly enough, today, TWICE, I had to fix the two stitches on the very edge that are supposed to be purls. They were about two rows down and I had been knitting them. It was my first time fixing a dropped stitch on the very edge of the knitting. But I did it!

The fronts measure about 13.5 inches right now. I made a lot of progress on them while watching The Princess Diaries on ABC Family today.

I am so excited about this sweater! It’s going so much faster than the other sweaters I’ve knitted.

This morning for breakfast I had oatmeal inspired by Iowa Girl Eats. It was Banana Almond Oatmeal. It’s 1/3 cup of oats and 2/3 cup of milk, with 1/2 sliced banana, nuked for 2 minutes. Then stir and nuke for 1 minute. Then add the rest of the banana and add cinnamon and almond butter. It was delicious! I had to finish eating it after church though because I ran out of time to eat it. And, I wasn’t hungry the whole morning! It was really filling.


2 responses to “More CPH Progress

  1. Your sweater is really looking nice. Its going to be so cozy when you finish it.

  2. It sounds like you did have a great day! I’ll have a day like that tomorrow, I think.

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