A great day!

Today I got to sleep in because I don’t have any classes in the morning on Tuesdays. I made myself Apple Cinnamon Oats from Iowa Girl Eats. It was really yummy and kept me full a very long time!

1/3 cup oats

2/3 cup milk


Gala apple (chopped and nuked for 2 minutes with some brown sugar, water, and cinnamon)

Mmmm I love apples.

I went to school to go to my geography class but it was cancelled so I went home! I spent the time I would have been at school working on my Central Park Hoodie. I finished the armhole shaping today. I wrote out each row of the armhole shaping in a little notebook with one column each for the left and right sides. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have screwed up. I wanted to make sure they would end up with the same row count. I ended up doing them separately because it was just easier that way, than to do it 2 at a time.

Then I made roasted vegetable soup and cornbread for supper. The soup in the picture doesn’t look very good but it was yummy! The soup was from The cornbread was AWESOME. It smelled amazing. It’s from the Pioneer Woman. I love cornbread!

I found my dog Jasmine laying on the couch this afternoon in the living room. I had to take a picture, it was that cute!

This morning I played Beatles Rock Band and I got 99% and a 732 streak on medium drums on I Saw Her Standing There! I missed a note about 3/4 the way through and I thought I would get 100% before that. Oh well. That’s the biggest streak I’ve gotten yet!

It was a really great day, especially since I didn’t have any classes today! 🙂


2 responses to “A great day!

  1. Omg, that cornbread looks so good. I haven’t had that in forever! Also, that soup looks delicious. Jasmine is so cute <3.

  2. Hi – popped on over from Iowa Girl Eats – your knitting captured me! It looks great! …and the soup – oooohhh! Yummy! I knit also – right now just socks for all the little people who belong to the big people that work with me…. I need to start my (almost) grown up kids.

    Great site tho – glad I found you!

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