Today was the windiest day ever. Holy cow. I woke up at 6:57am today and all I heard was wind and rain. About 15 minutes later, it got REALLY loud so I looked out my window. It was epic. It was raining and the wind was blowing and it nearly looked like a hurricane or something! They said the chance of thunderstorms was “near 100 percent” but I heard nothing. So I was woken up by the wind before I had to wake up, because I didn’t have class until 1. It’s okay though. 🙂

Since it was so cold and blustery we decided to make soup for supper. We made Turkey Vegetable Soup and it was just the thing for  a day like today! I wanted to make the Pioneer Woman’s Corn Chowder with Chiles but I was outvoted. Then we had Crescent Rolls with the soup. I LOVE Crescent Rolls. They’re so buttery and flaky and OMG. I could have eaten all of them but I only had one.

I started the sleeves on my CPH but my camera’s batteries died so I don’t have a picture. I’m at the very end of the 1st cable repeat, and I’m doing them 2 at a time. I’m glad I decided to do it that way because:

1. They’ll be the same length, exactly.

2. No second sleeve syndrome.

This is a crappy picture of the waves at the lake. They were huge!

Here is my dog Jasmine in the car. I love it when I get pictures of her licking her nose. It’s so cute!


One response to “Wind

  1. It is so windy today!

    And Jasmine is such a dork sometimes.

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