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I won today! I wrote 4000 words today which is the most I’ve written in one day. And I actually finished the story at 50000 words, mostly, except I need to add one more thing. I am really happy because now I don’t have to write 1667 words every day anymore, and I actually really like my story this year. πŸ˜€

I haven’t been doing much knitting because of Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo, plus we saw the Harry Potter movie on Wednesday. It was really good.


It’s finished!

Well, except for the buttons which I haven’t sewn on yet. I finished it this afternoon. It might have been finished a couple days earlier but I was having issues with the seams. Oddly enough, the sleeve cap seams were the easiest. Sewing the sleeve caps into the armholes was the thing that kept me from repeatedly taking the Central Park Hoodie off of my queue on Ravelry. I thought it would be really hard, but with some pins and a good tutorial, it was actually the fastest part of the seaming.

Pattern: Central Park Hoodie

Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool in color 8400, 5 skeins

Needles: size 9 for body, size 7 for ribbing

Size: 36

Modifications: I did a collar instead of a hood, I made the body two inches longer, and I did short row shaping with a three needle bindoff for the shoulder.

I really like it! It’s so warm and cozy and I wore it to school today (only had one class today) but no one said anything about it.

Here’s the story of my seaming struggles. The sleeve caps went in just fine. I found a tutorial on Knitting Daily that outlined it step by step, with photos, and it really helped. Here are the links to that: Part one, part two.

Then I was going to seam the sleeve and I was halfway (actually more than halfway) done with seaming it and then I realized the ribbing didn’t match up. So I had to do that over.Then the other sleeve and the first side seam went fine.

On the last side seam, the ribbing wasn’t matching up. I set it down right after I finished seaming the ribbing and I had noted in my mind that it was uneven, but I had to set the table for supper, so I forgot and after supper I promptly seamed nearly the entire side seam. I even counted the rows and it still didn’t match up even though each side had the same number of rows of ribbing. So I went to bed because I was getting tired and it wasn’t going well.

This morning, I opened up the Knitty mattress stitch tutorial and seamed it very slowly and it was fine and even, the first time. Then it took the length of an entire DVR’d Grey’s Anatomy Episode (40 minutes) to weave in all the ends. πŸ™‚

In other news, I hit 30,230 on NaNoWriMo last night. I’ve been spending so much time seaming (or trying to seam) my Central Park Hoodie that I’ve been procrastinating writing my 1667 words until 10pm which Does Not Work. Yesterday I only wrote 1200 words and on Saturday I wrote 1400 words. Interestingly enough, on Sunday I was on a roll and wrote 2000 words. I’m ahead of the minimum word count though, so it’s okay. Now that I’m finished with my Central Park Hoodie, I can spend more time on NaNoWriMo, and schoolwork too.

Seamed shoulders!

I tried to seam the shoulders on my Central Park Hoodie yesterday, except it didn’t look right. The knits and purls didn’t match up for some reason. So I went to the Central Park Hoodie KAL group on Ravelry and read a ton of posts about shoulders. Then I decided I would frog back all the shoulders and do short row shoulders with a three needle bind off.

While I was reading the pattern as I was frogging, I noticed that it said to BO 1 st at neck edge every other row, on the fronts. Well see I had a little problem there. I did these decreases on the shoulder edge instead of the neck edge. whoops. If you look carefully here (this is when I blocked it on Friday), you can see that the neck edge is straight up where it should be slightly curved.

I had to frog both the fronts back a couple inches and fix that. I’ll have to reblock the top of my Central Park Hoodie or something because the yarn is all kinky. With the help of Ravelry, this article on Knitty, and the book The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman, I was able to figure out how to do short row shoulders. Then I had to redo one of the fronts’ short row shaping because I did it the wrong way and it was tilting up instead of down.

Then I did the three needle bind off and it looks MUCH better than it did before. Now I get to pick up stitches for the collar (I’m not doing a hood) and knit the collar. I thought I had a picture of the end product but I guess not.

NaNoWriMo is going very well. My word count for yesterday was 16,693. In theory I should be writing right now but I hadn’t posted here for a while.

I started a Drop Stitch Scarf in Malabrigo, color Whale’s Road on Thursday and it was nice to work on something like that while I watched the Breeder’s Cup on Friday and Saturday.


Yesterday I woke up at 6:30, got dressed, ate breakfast, and got a 1/2 hour of writing in before I had to go to school, which was 1186 words. I also wrote more in the evening. Then thanks to me having the morning free with no classes today, I wrote 3000 words today in my NaNo novel, leaving me with a word count of 5314! That set me up well for the first couple days of NaNoWriMo. πŸ™‚

Today I voted for the first time! So we went bright and early so we wouldn’t have to wait in lines so I spent the whole morning writing as mentioned above. I also finished the sleeve cap on my CPH for one of the sleeves! I’m doing the sleeve caps one at a time because I’m pretty sure I would get screwed up if I tried to do them 2 at a time.

Now I get to spend my evening studying, going to my 4-H meeting, and finishing my stupid paper that is due tomorrow. Yippee (mostly the homework part, I’m excited about the 4-H meeting).

I’m thrilled that I am this close to finishing my CPH! All I have to do is finish the second sleeve cap, block everything, sew the shoulders, knit the button band, and seam it! I’m sure it will take a while to do all of that but this is the fastest sweater I’ve knitted! I’m very excited to wear it.