For Christmas I got an iHome! I had this dopey alarm clock thing that had a plug-in so you could listen to an ipod but it was pretty lame and the speakers were dying. The iHome is really spiffy.

This afternoon we will go to my aunt’s house to eat a lot of food including my favorites, Little Smokies hot dogs in barbecue sauce and chips and dip, and open presents. 🙂

I was really busy during December because I had a lot of homework and studying to do. I did get some knitting done, though.

Here is my Drop Stitch Scarf. It’s about 30″ long, I think. I can’t wait to be done with it so I can wear it!


2 responses to “Christmas

  1. Cute pictures. Your iHome is just the right size for your table. Nice job on your scarf!

  2. Love the scarf – iHome – cool! – I use one of my daughter’s old alarm clocks – it has Tweety-bird on it! LOL!

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