These are my Christmas presents. I’m feeling very motivated all of a sudden because I cleaned my room and took pictures of everything. 🙂

I got soap. It’s made in a town near me and it smells really earthy and herb-y and nice. I am excited to use it.

This is a horse charm I received. I like it because it has a horse and I especially like the moon behind the horse.

really pretty yarn (Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted in Make Believe)

Knitting Rules! by the Yarn Harlot

a $20 gift certificate to my LYS

a Barnes & Noble gift card which I used to buy The Essential Book of Useless Information, which was actually really interesting and now I keep spouting off random facts to everyone. For example, it takes 252 licks to get to the middle of a Tootsie Roll Pop.

I also bought with my gift card a very cute Yoshi figurine. Yoshi is my favorite Mario character.

We had a white elephant thing where everyone has a gift and then you roll two dice and if you roll doubles you have to switch with someone. The present that I bought for it was a puzzle and I got it back! I love puzzles. 🙂

I also received a Hobby Lobby gift card which I used to buy a fat quarter pack and sewing supplies. I’ve already made a wrap skirt for my doll using a pattern on

It looks better in real life. The light is terrible in my room and by the time I remembered to take a picture of this the sun was setting so I will try to remember to take a better picture in the morning.

It’s reversible! The other side is blue.Anyway, it was really easy and my next project will be a tissue cover for a travel pack of kleenex.


One response to “Christmas

  1. uh oh – no postings lately and I haven’t seen you on Ravelry lately either! Hope everything is going well for you! Can’t wait to see what happens with your yarn! I just finished a mobius scarf – it looks pretty, but it’s annoying to wear!

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