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The Oatmeal Fail

This morning I made myself oatmeal, on the stove, no less, (not even in the microwave), put in some raisins, craisins, and a couple dried apricots, and some brown sugar, almonds, and cinnamon. I was walking to my room to eat it and then all of a sudden I dropped it on the floor. I was crushed. Last night as I was going to bed I was so excited about my oatmeal that I was going to eat. About half of it stayed in the bowl and my dog ate the rest I think. Then I was still hungry after I ate my oatmeal because of course it was only a half a bowl of oatmeal so I ate a peach yogurt. It was a terrible start to my day. Here is my oatmeal from the other day and I didn’t drop this bowl, at least.

I haven’t had time to knit the past couple of days because of homework and stuff so I don’t have any progress pictures to show off. But, I did try to start a baby hat on Sunday. I cast on, did the ribbing, and was on the first pattern row when I ended up with four extra stitches at the end. I counted the stitches about four times and then I realized that I had cast on 76 stitches instead of 72 stitches. So I frogged it and re-cast on. I didn’t get that far though because I was watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network and all of the food on the show looked AMAZING. I couldn’t focus on my knitting. Maybe I’ll have a chance to work on my socks tonight yet, or probably tomorrow. I haven’t worked on them since Sunday.

Since I don’t have a new picture of my knitting, I will show a picture of the spaghetti I had for lunch on Sunday. It was rotini pasta, and the sauce was leftover Prego marinara sauce from the Chicken Parmesan I made on Friday. This pasta was super yummy and it looked so pretty that I just had to take a picture of it.

I’ll take a picture of my sock tomorrow when the light is better. My pictures always turn out so dark even if I take a picture during the daytime. It will be better to wait.



I knitted on my sock a lot yesterday! I went from working on the gusset to being nearly ready to knit the toe! I tried it on and it fits, so I am really happy about that.

Also I knitted my American Girl doll socks from this pattern, but I used the stitch pattern from the Monkey sock pattern on the leg. It is super cute! I used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Stripe in the colorway Lucky Stripe and size 1 needles. Don’t worry, I’m working on the second one!

I also made my doll a slouchy hat but it didn’t turn out very slouchy but I still like it. It was just a stashbusting project anyway. I don’t like it when I have all these teeny tiny balls of sock yarn hanging around. I used this pattern and some Gypsy Knits yarn that I won in a blog contest a couple years ago. It’s really soft yarn.

I am going to make a bunch of baby hats for my church for Lutheran World Relief. I have a bunch of Caron Simply Soft I need to use up so I will use that. I found this neat pattern on Ravelry that has five or six baby hat patterns in one. I have some pink yarn left so I will make the one with the heart pattern on it first. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Here is a picture of my Thorpe hat.

This is my first Nemesis sock, in progress. This is an out of date picture. I redid the heel turning today and it turned out rather well. Then of course I didn’t have enough needles with me to start the gusset but for now it is going well.

This is our backyard. There is a giant drift and if you look carefully you can see the birdfeeder and the pole it’s connected to. This snow is DEEP!

Here is our driveway this morning before my dad snowblowed it. It almost looks like there is no driveway!



The wind was really loud last night! I woke up to very high snow drifts. Luckily I don’t have school today, and it’s a good thing too because we don’t have a driveway right now. It’s all covered in snow.

My plan for today is to knit, watch tv, maybe watch a movie, play the wii, and possibly organize my room. It will be a fun day.

Or it would be a fun day if my computer would be faster. I just booted it up and I guess it’s still trying to load completely? Because my computer is a stupid slow piece of crap, but this is REALLY slow.

Since I last posted, I had my wisdom teeth out and right after that I knitted a Thorpe hat. I got an LYS gift certificate for Christmas and I bought some chunky yarn (Cascade 128) and sock yarn (Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Socka). The Thorpe hat was really easy but the braids tripped me up. I doubled some worsted yarn (Berroco Peruvia for the crochet border and used the Peruvia with a strand of the Cascade 128 for the braids. I procrastinated on the braids for a couple weeks because the instructions in the pattern weren’t detailed enough. I wanted pictures but eventually I just tried it and it worked. I don’t have a picture of it with braids and I don’t like the picture on ravelry because I look weird in pictures so I don’t have a picture yet.

Also I started the Nemesis socks from Knitty and I’m using the yarn I bought at my LYS (Fortissima Socka). They are really tricky socks and I’m on the heel but things keep happening. First one of the stitches on the very end decided to drop and then I messed up the stitch count of the heel turning so of course I had to frog it back a bit. Now there’s this stitch that was like “I’m not going to look uniform! I’m going to look like I’m split even thought I’m not actually split!” UGH.

So I started some fingerless mitts using this pattern. I’m not so sure about this pattern, but it was for plain fingerless mitts. This yarn could not have handled a stitch pattern. I finished the first one last night. I don’t feel like taking pictures because I am in a bad mood just now. I couldn’t understand the gusset instructions in the pattenr and I will not make it again.