Here is a picture of my Thorpe hat.

This is my first Nemesis sock, in progress. This is an out of date picture. I redid the heel turning today and it turned out rather well. Then of course I didn’t have enough needles with me to start the gusset but for now it is going well.

This is our backyard. There is a giant drift and if you look carefully you can see the birdfeeder and the pole it’s connected to. This snow is DEEP!

Here is our driveway this morning before my dad snowblowed it. It almost looks like there is no driveway!



One response to “Pictures

  1. Hey grumpy! Loved the Thorpe hat – and have to share another site with you (is that ok?) it’s OMG! – LOVE THIS! (especially when you’re an oldie who’s forgotten almost everything! Did you mean the gusset on your fingerless gloves? or on your socks? Is there a gusset on socks? hmmmm!
    Funny that you said you were in a bad mood – I’ve started the Odessa hat (minus the beading) from – “GRUMPERINA” on Ravelry – and was really surprised when the pattern worked – don’t you find it amazing when you do something and it works? Hope you’re feeling better – and the snow calms down! (AND the wind!) AND your Nemesis socks went well!

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