Spring break is over

Here are some photos from the last half of my spring break. On Friday we ate breakfast at a local restaurant that uses local, organic ingredients. I got oatmeal and it was topped with maple syrup (I think), jam, toasted oats, and nuts. Also it had thinly sliced pear and a strawberry. It was really delicious!

It was so filling I only ate half of it!

After breakfast (which we ate at like 10:30 so it was really brunch) we went to the library so I could get The Graduate. I wanted to watch it since it had Simon & Garfunkel music in it, and I realized later that the Simpsons episode, Lady Bouvier’s Lover (season 5 disc 4 episode 4) was a parody of The Graduate. It was really interesting and I had never noticed that before. I’m not sure I completely understood everything that happened in the movie but in the Simpson’s episode Grampa Simpson is on the second floor area of the church banging on the glass yelling, “MRS. BOUVIER!” and then he falls through and then they go to a bus and sit there and a parodied version of The Sound of Silence.

I ate the rest of my oatmeal on Saturday morning and we went to Noodles & Company for lunch because I had a coupon for a free Noodles dish because of my birthday. Apparently it was extremely filling oatmeal because I got a small Pasta Fresca with chicken and I couldn’t even finish it.

It was really yummy though, and by the way I got it with Parmesan cheese. I thought I liked feta cheese but I guess I don’t. Anything I would eat that has feta cheese in it I would just not eat the feta cheese.

For breakfast on Sunday I had a frozen waffle (toasted) with ricotta cheese (sweetened with a pinch of sugar) and strawberries (actually one large strawberry sliced. It was yummier than I thought it would be. The only times I’ve ever had ricotta cheese is when I eat lasagna on Christmas Eve. I got the idea from Iowa Girl Eats from this post: http://iowagirleats.com/2009/08/28/the-good-the-bad-the-zucchini-bread/

I’m going to make homemade English muffins sometime. I was going to do it today but we don’t have enough flour and at the store they only had bleached flour. I don’t know when I’m going to do it but it is going to happen.

As for my Multnomah shawl, I keep screwing up even though it is only garters stitch and increases and I don’t think I’m any farther than I was the last time I posted. But here is a picture anyway.


2 responses to “Spring break is over

  1. I’ll have to try the ricotta cheese on a waffle thing. It looks delicious!

  2. SO – the oatmeal looked great! – ricotta cheese – ohhhhhh
    and you do know Jacqueline Lee BOUVIER Kennedy Onassis -hmmmm – the adult humor in Simpson’s, eh? – I feel as old as Grandpa Simpson now. lol

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