Last week we put in a square foot vegetable garden and planted lettuce and onions. Today we planted the rest of the veggies because it is finally warm outside! It’s been way too cold this spring.

We planted, from left to right, two bell peppers (Better Belle and Golden Summer) and two tomatoes (Wisconsin 55 and Yellow Pear) in the first row.

The second row has rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley, and two basil plants.

The third row has lettuce sprouts that we planted recently (Mesclun, I think).

The fourth row has yellow and white onions that we planted from onion sets. Some of them will be onions and the others will be green onions.

Here are a couple closeups.

Better Belle pepper

Yellow Pear tomato

Sage, parsley, and thyme

Baby green onions




And just because it’s pretty: a Bleeding Heart next to a hosta

The horseless hores project for 4-H has started up again and I’ve ridden my coach’s horse twice this week and I was so sore after the first lesson. Yesterday she made me trot with no stirrups or reins and I was a bit sore but not as sore as the first time. I am matched up with the same person I had last year. I’m really excited about showing in a few weeks. 🙂

Also my Multnomah is in timeout because I made a mistake on the row I’m on. The second Nemesis sock is going fine, and I am on row 2 or 3 of the first repeat. I kind of abandoned it while I was writing a ton of papers at the end of the school year.






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