Daisies and Chicago

On Monday my sister and I rode our bikes 12.5 miles and took some neat pictures of daisies that were blooming. It was really nice out and we went to McDonald’s halfway through and got snack size Rollo Mcflurries. Full of caramelly and chocolate-y goodness!

Here’s an updated picture of our vegetable garden. This is week 3.

Our tomatoes have flowers and I think one of them just made a teeny tiny tomato. The lettuce is already bigger than when we took this picture and we used some of our herbs this week when we made Sage Pesto Pasta. It was creamy and delicious!

I’m in the sewing project for 4-H this year and I am going to make an apron and enter it in the fair. We went to a local yarn/fabric shop over the weekend and I bought some fabric. I really like the colors of this fabric. It’s way prettier than anything Hobby Lobby would have.

On Tuesday I went to Chicago with the Art Club from my school and we went to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was epic because I did this huge semester-long project on The Old Guitarist by Picasso in my honors humanities class in high school and I got to see the actual painting there! Chicago is the biggest city I have ever been to and it was intense. It was a beautiful day, breezy and warm but not too warm.

Skyline of Chicago

Sears Willis Tower

Crown Fountain in Millennium Park

The Bean

There were a lot people protesting and these are some mounted police that followed the protesters.

The buildings in Chicago are way bigger than any other buildings I’ve ever seen and it was pretty intense. This is the Chicago Tribune building.

I just thought this was a pretty scene.
I had a great time in Chicago and it was really cool. I want to go back and go to the Shedd Aquarium and go back to the Art Institute. We spent most of our time in the Modern Wing so I didn’t get to look at the really old paintings. Also they have a horse exhibit right now at the Field Museum which I would want to see but I probably won’t get back to Chicago ever to be able to see it.

In closing, here is a silly picture of Jasmine:


One response to “Daisies and Chicago

  1. Jaime is a cutie pie. She can be such a goof!

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