6th place!

Last weekend I showed my horseless horse coach’s horse, DC, at a local 4h show. I entered one class, Intro A dressage test. It’s the same one I did at the State Hunter & Dressage Show a few weeks ago. Thankfully DC wasn’t as antsy as he was at that show and my score improved by 3% and I got 6th place, which came with a two dollar gift certificate to a local tack shop, as well as a ribbon. 🙂 I don’t know how many people did the Intro A test but I was really happy to get a ribbon.

We were going to see the Harry Potter movie that day but my dressage time was scheduled for 2pm, when the movie ended. So I stayed at the fairgrounds and they went to go see the movie. It was fine, I actually don’t mind spending all day at a horse show. I like hanging out with horsey people.

Here is DC after he was finished showing for the day.

I got 53.1% which is better than the 50.63% I got at the last show. If the walk and trot had been faster and more forward, my score would have been higher, according to the score card. Also, I liked the bit the judge wrote on the score card – “Capable pair!”

It was a fun day even though I didn’t get to see the Harry Potter movie (and still haven’t seen it). I even made a Ravenclaw friendship bracelet that I was going to wear when I saw the movie. This is the best friendship bracelet I ever made.


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