Knits and Flowers

This is my first Fiddlehead mitten. I’m about 15 rows into the 2nd mitten. We had a heat wave this week and I was doing other crafts so I didn’t work on it all week until last night. The last 15-20 rows drove me insane because I kept messing up one stitch and I would have to frog it. Finally I got it finished, though.

This is Mr. Alligator, knitted from the Mochimochi Land book. He is pretty cute and his legs were a bit fiddly, and it took me a little while to sew the yellow to green in his mouth but he is really cute. He really looks like an alligator! I used Peaches n Cream cotton in Apple Green, and some random yellow acrylic for the mouth, and even more random black acrylic yarn for his eyes.


This week I sewed an apron for the fair since I’m in the clothing project. I bought the fabric at a local fabric/yarn store and it’s way prettier than anything Hobby Lobby would have. I bought the nylon webbing for the straps at Hobby Lobby though. This is the biggest thing I’ve ever sewed.

Here is the back of the apron.

I also sewed a camera cozy using this tutorial:

It’s purple on the inside and I just happened to have the daisy button laying around. I had to redo the elastic about 3 times because I kept sewing it on backwards. Ugh. Then for the apron I made double sure that it would work out the first time because I’m pretty sure the webbing would be harder to undo than the elastic.



Our yellow lilies are blooming but our Stargazer lilies still have a bit to go before they bloom. This is a yellow tiger lily that’s pretty neat because it turns downward.

This is a “Dreamland” lily that we got 5 plants of for $7 at the Garden Walk we went to. They had a plant sale. All of these are blooming right now and they are really pretty. 🙂

































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