The 31-mile Bike Ride

My sister and I rode our bikes on the Old Plank Road Trail on Monday to the next town over which was about 15 miles away.

It wasn’t really that bad to ride 15 or 16 miles one way except there were all these “pseudo hills” that seemed flat but were really slightly uphill. They were awful on the way there but on the way back we went 4 miles in no time at all because it was downhill a lot of the way.

When we arrived in the town we locked our bikes up at a nearby park. Then we ate sandwiches at a coffee shop and went shopping.

First we went to a used bookstore and my sister got the Canadian edition of Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix as well as Eragon.
Then we went to a bookstore and my sister bought the 3rd book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series (which I have yet to read any books in). She also pre-ordered John Green’s next book called The Fault in Our Stars. He is going to sign every single preordered book so that is really cool. 🙂 I met him in October and it was epic because he liked my pipe shirt.

Then we went to the music store and I bought new Aquila strings for my ukulele and Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book Two. I hadn’t changed the strings on my ukulele since I got it for Christmas in 2009. They were not sounding as loud as they were when I first got the ukulele. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to change the strings more often than that but I was really apprehensive about doing it.

Well, it took me about two hours to get it fully done because I had to redo two of them once each, but I restrung my ukulele. 🙂 It sounds much better now and for a few days every time I played my ukulele I would have to tune it a lot. Today, I picked up my ukulele and plucked the strings a bit and it sounded fine. It was only a little off, so the strings must be settling in nicely.

After we had gone to the music store, we went to the sewing store and I bought a fat quarter of yellow fabric. At first we were just browsing the fat quarters aimlessly and then I remembered that I needed more fabric to make a little shirt for my American Girl doll to go with the skirt I made a few months ago. Then we picked out this yellow fabric.

On the way home we stopped at McDonald’s and each got a 49 cent cone. It’s actually a good value because you get a lot of ice cream for only 49 cents. Then we biked home and were really tired. We ordered Domino’s pizza to be delivered and it was delicious.

In other news, I finished the outer Fiddlehead mittens and momentarily I am going to start the linings.





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