4-H Projects are Finished!

Here is a quick post on what I am entering in the fair. I just finished my last item and I finally have a chance to post about it.

Central Park Hoodie – I love this sweater. Really seaming it was easier than I thought it would be.

Nemesis Socks – Beat my nemesis and finished these a couple months ago. They are so pretty!

Thorpe Hat – Made this while recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out in January.

Fiddlehead Mittens – Finished!!

Baby hat – shell stitch baby hat or something from Ravelry.

Pillow – fits a 12×12 pillow form, 18 granny squares, Caron Simply Soft.

Fruity Trivet – pattern from the Purl Bee

Tiny Cactus – OMG cutest amigurumi ever. πŸ˜› Filled its pot with plastic pellets so it stands up nicely.

Midnight Interlude drawing – He was my pick to win the Derby.

Spider Lily watercolor painting – Tip: don’t buy 6×8 canvases at Michael’s. They don’t make 6×8 frames. This is a 6×4 photo frame minus the mat that came with it.

Corgi drawing

Poem – I wrote a limerick.

Short Story – I wrote a story called The Bus Ride of Doom.

Origami – I did a baby elephant from the book Crease + Fold as well as a dog from a kids origami book and I’m not sure which one to exhibit, though I’m leaning towards the baby elephant.

Horse breed scrapbook – there are 10 breeds featured.

Yeast bread – King Arthur Flour’s Classic White Sandwich Bread recipe. I’ll have a pic tomorrow. It rose really nicely!

Banana bread – Cooking Light’s Classic Banana Bread recipe. Tried and tested recipe. It’s really good.

Poster on how to cut up a pineapple (for poster about a cooking technique) –Β No picture yet, but it has really cute illustrations!

Doll clothes (shirt and skirt). It’s even cuter when my doll Molly is wearing the outfit. πŸ™‚ Even found an American Girl doll clothes hanger. It’s so cute!! Plus I made the shirt out of a fat quarter which cost me like $2.85 or something so it is way cheaper than buying clothes from American Girl.

Camera cozy


Today I spent my entire morning baking breads, then I finished my corgi drawing. Then I went to work on my 4-H club’s booth with some other club members. Then we ate supper. Then I finished sewing the doll shirt. I have had a very busy day and I am going to bed now. πŸ™‚

Will have more pictures in the morning.


One response to “4-H Projects are Finished!

  1. WOW – that’s more than a mouthful! awesome job – good luck at the fair!

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