Fair results

Fair judging is over and I’m glad it is because I hate waiting so long to get each thing judged. It’s fun to get ribbons though, and it was a lot cooler this year than previous years. 🙂

Central Park Hoodie –blue
Nemesis Socks –blue
Thorpe Hat –red
Fiddlehead Mittens –blue
Baby hat –I forget, either red or blue
Pillow –blue
Fruity Trivet –red
Tiny Cactus –red
Midnight Interlude drawing –blue
Spider Lily watercolor painting –red
Corgi drawing -blue
Poem –red
Short Story –blue
Origami –red
Horse breed scrapbook –red
Yeast bread –blue
Banana bread –blue
Poster on how to cut up a pineapple -blue
Doll clothes -red
Camera cozy -forget
Apron -red


One response to “Fair results

  1. I can’t believe you already know! That’s great – Good Job – I think your projects were amazing!

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