Today I was sitting around and being bored and then I realized that we had yellow, black, and white felt and I could make the Purl Bee’s Apple Coaster.

It was really easy thanks to the easy to follow instructions in the tutorial. I also added some running stitches on the stem to make it look more complete. It’s a Golden Delicious apple. I love those apples because they kind of taste like pears.


Here’s the back. I always thought I sucked at making felt softies but I guess it’s easier than I thought it was.


I’ve also been working on this mini cross stitch kit that I got at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. It was really easy and I love how it looks. 🙂


This is a better picture of the doll outfit I made for the fair.


Banana bread


Yeast bread


My pineapple poster


Baby elephant origami


One response to “Crafty!

  1. Hey! – I do origami also! – My fave is a waterbomb – one Christmas past, I made a bunch out of wax paper and put them over lights on the tree – probably not safe, but I was young and poor at the time!

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