So I’ve been really busy with school (like I only knit a couple times a week because  I have a lot of homework and studying to do), and I haven’t had time to blog (or I had a wee bit of time here and there but chose to do other things). Here is a summary of things that have happened. I finished my Multnomah.

I really like it, and at first the feather and fan bit was really confusing me and I kept messing up. After a while it was really easy and I whipped out those last few rows really fast despite the large number of stitches on the needle.

We went to a state park with a tower:

We went to a local apple orchard and fed the donkeys, goats, and alpacas and bought some really yummy apple cider and Honeycrisp apples.

Then we went to another tower (yes I know the horizon is crooked. 😉 ) We had a wind storm so most of the leaves were gone by the time we went up. Usually it’s prettier than this.

Here’s some neat fungus that was on one of the trees.

We also went to a local pumpkin farm. My pumpkin will be featured later in this post.

This is a pretty epic sunset we had a couple weeks ago. Literally the sky was hot pink and purple. It was AWESOME and the brilliant color only lasted a few minutes and after that it faded a bit.


Here’s a pepper I picked from our pepper plant. It went into a stir fry that we made. 🙂 We left it on the plant so long it was just starting to turn red in places.

We went to the Minneapolis area recently to look at UW River Falls for me and we also went to a state park near there. It had a pretty neat waterfall but we had to go down a REALLY steep hill to get there and walk back up it to get back to the car.

Here is the other side of the bridge that was by the waterfall. It looked really serene and peaceful on this side. I liked it.

It was a pretty chilly day and so I brought a hat and scarf  but we got warm so I took it off and here is a picture of them. The hat is recent, it’s the Butterfly Hat that I found on Ravelry. It was really easy and it was a nice pattern for the variegated Malabrigo (colorway Whale’s Road. So now I have a hat and scarf set.

Here are the pumpkins we carved last night. Mine is a ukulele. It’s pretty cute. It’d be cuter if the soundhole could be suspended in the pumpking carving but with gravity that’s not possible. 🙂 I almost forgot to carve pumpkins and I think it took me longer to get the seeds and goo out of my pumpkin than it did to carve the ukulele.

















2 responses to “Busy!

  1. Your Multnomah is so pretty!

  2. The Multnomah is beautiful – hope you and your family have a beautiful blessed holiday!

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